Software Add-on Modules

HandApps Add-on Modules and Architecture Details –

The HandApps Software solutions consists of various software components or modules. Depending on the specifics of each customer a combination of modules is configured that together will provide the features or functions they’ll need to meet their business objectives. These modules are divided into “Client Side” or “Server Side” and are licensed by device (Client Side) and Levels (Server Side). The Server Side levels are “Standard”, “Corporate” or “Enterprise”.

The core or base functionality of the HandApps Software starts with the HandApps Server Suite. The HA Server Suite consists of the three modules called HA Server, HA Management Console, and HA Connector for specific ERP. Together these modules provide the functionality to stage data from the ERP and sync it to and from the mobile devices. It also provides the means by which the HA system can be administered, monitored, configured and managed. HandApps has out of the box integration for Microsoft Dynamics GP,Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SAGE PRO. We have also done custom integrations to many other systems and platforms such as SAP, ACCPAC, Oracle, Prophet 21, AS/400 and Unix.

The core functionality of theHandApps Software solutions can be expanded with addition of several optional modules. These modules provided specific features and enable extra capabilities both at the server and client levels. The need for any of these additional modules is dependent on the specific requirements of each customer. Below is a list of these modules and a brief description of their function. Please note that these extra modules are licensed at the same level as the HA Server Suite.