Offline Data with Sync

The #1 problem of database app developers

How to support Offline Data with Sync is the biggest problem facing developers creating today’s mobile apps.

Offline data with sync makes it possible for an app to work even when not connected to the internet. Without offline data, the mobile user is dead in the water and the mobile app is useless when there is poor, slow or no Internet.

The other part of this puzzle is Sync. Sync means Synchronization and that’s what moves data between the mobile apps local database and the server database.  Without Sync the mobile app is an island of outdated information that can’t easily be gotten to.

SyncStudio by HandApps

Fast and Reliable Synchronization API

SyncStudio solves the problem of offline data with sync.

Developers using SyncStudio can add database synchronization to any app in minutes saving them weeks or months of coding.

Using SyncStudio, off-line and occasionally connected database Apps can quickly, easily and affordably start synchronizing their data with the servers databases and visa versa.

If you are an App developer needing a database synchronization API for SQLite, SQL LocalDB/Express and Microsoft SQL Server; then you need to check out SyncStudio.

“SyncStudio is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive path to creating and deploying a complete database synchronization solution, period.”

Duncan Williamson / Chief Technical Officer / Origins Software Limited

Our Universal Sync clients work with the devices and development tools you know.  Supported platforms include Android, Basic4Android, Windows Forms, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Mobile and Xamarin Android/iOS.

For more information on SyncStudio or to download a fully functional evaluation copy please visit the SyncStudio website or fill out the information request form.

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Synchronization for mobile database apps using SQLite, SQL LocalDB and SQL Server

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