Light the fuse to explosive growth

HandApps Software has a 21 year track record of helping companies dramatically increase sales while reducing costs and improving productivity.

The right tools make all the difference!

Reliable, Consistent and Easy

HandApps leverages the latest technology to provide every user with the up-to-date information they need when they need it. Anywhere!

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The wise man works SMARTER
not harder

HandApps makes users more productive, more effective
and more profitable than ever imagined.

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Direct Store Delivery & Route

- Wholesale Distributors
- Food and Beverage Suppliers
- Direct to Retail Manufacturers
- Any business

From taking orders, to delivering products or writing invoices. HandApps will revolutionize your field sales process and unleash its full potential.

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HandApps Software Drives Growth At Any Scale!

Less hassle, more control, and a mobile strategy that actually works.

HandAppsX Mobile Sales

for Android

Since 2001 HandApps Software has been providing users of the means to automate their sales force. With hundreds of installations worldwide generating tens of thousands of daily transactions; HandApps Mobile Sales has become the mobile solution of choice for Wholesale Distribution companies of all sizes and across industries.

HandApps SalesSlate

for Windows Tablets / Laptops / Desktops

…a multi-touch tablet optimized solution for field sales personnel. Providing all the functionality needed to create sales transactions (Quote, Order, Invoice, Credits) in a disconnected on-the-go environment.

HandApps SalesSlate empowers the user with access to customer, item, stock and related information needed to close more sales.