HandAppsX Mobile Sales for Android

Life On The Road Is Tough.

And having limited or no access to information makes it even tougher. For years writing orders on the road meant just that; writing (by hand on paper).

Can you imagine?

If you needed to know a customer’s price or a products stock level or the name of the new contact at ABC Comp you basically had to call in and have someone look it up on the system. Your hand written orders had to be called, faxed or mailed in.

Any errors, omissions, or poor penmanship resulted in delays, miss-shipments, upset customers, higher costs for everyone and lost opportunities.

Fortunately There Is A Better Way.

Times have changed and mobile technology has evolved.

Since 2001 HandApps Software has been providing users of Microsoft Dynamics the means to automate their Direct Store Delivery, Mobile Order taking and Proof of Delivery work force.

With thousands of installations worldwide processing over 2 billions in annual sales transactions; HandAppsX Mobile Sales for Android has become the mobile solution of choice for Wholesale Distribution companies of all sizes and across industries.

Our Customers Speaks Out

“After adding HandApps Mobile Sales™ to our Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ suite, we are more efficient and have reduced risk of order errors by automating our processes. Additionally, we have significantly lowered administrative costs and our outside sales people have more freedom and control when it comes to managing their accounts.“

Michael Honig, President, Honig Vineyard and Winery


Get all the details on just how HandApps Solutions continues to help Honig Vineyard & Wineary out-perform the competition.

Why Should You Trust Your Mobile Sales To HandAppsX?

  • Portable

    No connection required. The solution runs local on the device with a local subset of the Dynamics data specific to that user. Data and transactions are replicated with Dynamics when a connection becomes available.

  • Scalable

    We can handle tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of records

  • Reliable

    Data is stored in SQL and moves to and from the remote devices using SQL Merge Replication.

  • Functional

    The most out of the box features of any product on the market. It’s almost like having Dynamics Order Processing in the palm of your hand.

  • Customizable

    Built using Visual Studio .NET and SQL so adapting it to specific needs is quick and easy.

  • Flexible

    Dozens of configurable parameters allow each customer to tailor how the software works and what it can and cannot do.

  • User Friendly

    Software is worthless if it’s not user friendly and intuitive. Designed with ease of use in mind its logical flow keeps training costs to a minimum.

  • Focused

    Mobile is all we do. We don’t sell Dynamics so there’s nothing to distract us from building the best mobile solutions; period.

  • Seamless

    Integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP is provided standard.

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