GoIntegration is now HandApps Software!


How Brands Are Born!


HandApps Software is the creation of hundreds of Wholesale Distributors that shared their frustrations, challenges and memorable moments with us!

–Richard Calienes


I wish we could take one hundred percent of the credit for our success …but we can’t. Success comes in many forms and definitions.

For us it’s simple:

We measure success by the direct impact our Software has on the “quality of business” for our clients.

We define more “quality of business” as:

  • More profit
  • Less costs to operate
  • Time efficient

HandApps is a 26 year overnight success. A product of many hours of trench work with incredibly passionate and dedicated Wholesale distributors who wouldn’t take no for an answer or settle for mediocrity.

We believe our soon to be released HandApps Version 6.0 HandApps is the most powerful and customizable Mobile Software Application in the mobile space and the preferred software solution for Smart Wholesale Distributors.

The HandApps Software Solution Portfolio is a 100% results-driven, feature-filled powerhouse software comprised of:

  • Handapps Mobile Sales,
  • HandApps SalesSlate,
  • SyncStudio and
  • 11 unique and configurable modules that allow for a completely custom tailored solution

The decision to rebrand our company came after many hours of strategic thinking and deliberation, but one question drove the effort, and that was:

Would it better serve our clients?

We believe so.

Focusing exclusively on our HandApps Solution Portfolio has allowed us to clearly understand how our products, by being unique and highly customizable, in turn make our client’s services, unique and highly customizable to THEIR clients.

From a conceptual standpoint the idea of HandApps Software generates an automatic understanding between the name and the Mobile Software industry client base it means to serve.

HandApps is simply a family of Fast and Smart Mobile Software solutions uniquely designed to generate economies of scale for Wholesale Distributors.

Invest once and profit in perpetuity. That’s the outcome of any value-based transaction that exceeds expectations. HandApps Software Solutions deliver on this premise. The evidence is in the overwhelming feedback we constantly receive from our clients.A special thanks to our tireless team and once again to the hundreds of Wholesale Distributors that have put their faith and investment of time and money with us.

To find out if HandApps Software is a solution for you Click Here!

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